Italy is popularly known to be one of Europe’s most sophisticated destinations. It is a mountainous peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. To the north is a mountainous area known as the Alps, that separates Italy from France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. At the south of Italy is the Po Valley, a fertile farm land and the basin of the Po River, and extending well into the Mediterranean Sea sit Sicily and Sardinia, two of Italy’s largest islands. Sicily is located across the narrow strait of Messina where volcanoes can be found. Sardinia has a mountainous landscape and rocky offshore islands.


Within the borders of Italy lies two of Italy’s independent counties, the Vatican and the world’s smallest country, San Marino. Milan prevails to be Italy’s first city of commerce, and the Po River plain is A99 considered to be both Italy’s and southern Europe’s most advanced agricultural region. Turin is a major attraction for tourists and is home to one of the world’s largest car producers, Fiat. Rome, the capital of Italy, continues to manifest the architectural and artistic tradition known to be among the world’s richest. 

The climate in Italy has a mild temperate but varies from one region to another. In northern Italy, the temperature is relatively cold during winter and most areas have snow, while Southern Italy has a more pleasant winter and a warmer climate.

Italy’s population is well over 50 million with more than three million people living in Rome. Italy also has small groups of German, French, and Slovene minorities.

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