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The TRAVELER has the right to complain to the unfulfilled contractual services. TRAVELER has to make a complaint in written to 8 days period from the day that trip ended. Every complaint that is written after 8 day past it is not going to be considerate. We emphasize that is in a best interest of the client (TRAVELLER) to resolves all problems on the spot and to ask for an affirmation of the complaint. Every TRAVELLER has to submit a complaint by himself. The Agency will not consider group complaints. Tourist Agency is required, to give an answer within 14 days in the same way as it complain was received (e-mail, letter, or if by personal delivery it will be answered by written mail with return receipt) If necessary agency can be delay with an answer to the client, if the complaint requires more time to be answer in order to collect more information. TRAVELLER will be informed about delay. The Agency will take into consideration only those complaints for which the TRAVELLER has submit proof that they sent a written complaint about the service provider on the spot and that could not be solved on the spot. If Agency is responsible for the failure of the program or half of it. TRAVELLER is entitled to compensation of the actual level of unused services, and can not include services already provided or the total amount. While the agency does not give you an answer about your complain, TRAVELER is giving up of hiring any other/third person such as court or giving information to the press.
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PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Name of services: tour packages, day tours and accommodation Retail Price: Prices attached terms  and terms and conditions


Please read terms and conditions before booking tours and/or accommodation. It is your responsibility to provide an understanding of our terms of use for online booking tour packages, day tours and accommodation before marking the appropriate checkboxes to read and understand the conditions.


1. Cash for domestic payments, bank payment slip, e-banking
2. Bank remittance from abroad
3. Credit cards – MasterCard, Visa
4. Debit cards: Maestro, Visa


Tour packages, day tours and accommodation can be bought online and paid with a credit card, PayPal or in our agency.


If the TRAVELLER cancels the arrangement, Success travel agency of the total price reserves:
up to 40 days before departure 10% of the price and at least 100 kn
39-30 days before departure 25% of the price 29-20 days before departure 40% of the price
19-10 days before departure 80% of the price
9-0 days before departure 100% of the price
after departure 100% of the price
If the guest cancels the accommodation in Success Luxury apartments or others arranged by Success travel agency:
Reservations canceled 21 days or more prior to scheduled arrival are entitled to a full refund of the prepayment. In case of cancellation less than 21 days before the scheduled arrival date, the company Success retains in full the advance amount paid. Reservations can be canceled without penalty in the event of an accident, death in the family or illness (with a doctor’s certificate).


Identity card, Passport, Visa – depending on citizenship.


Credit card payments are authorized and protected by Wspay payment gateway, a service provided by Webstudio company from Zagreb, Croatia.
All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian kuna according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site

Travel Contract and General Conditions and Directives for Travel Arrangements

1. Subject Matter of the Contract

The subject matter of this Contract is the regulation of the mutual relations of the travel organizer – the travel agency Success and the TRAVELER i.e. the travel contractor in the case where the travel contractor concludes this contract in behalf of a third party (hereinafter TRAVELER). This Travel Contract contains General Conditions and Directives for Travel Arrangements, i.e. it refers to the travel program that contains all necessary data. The Contract is considered binding upon signing by an employee of the agency (an employee of the SUCCESS agency or any other person authorized for the sales of Success’s travel arrangements) and by the TRAVELLER and upon total payment of the travel arrangement or a portion of the payment if payment of the remaining amount by the agreed date is indisputably insured by the TRAVELLER. If the TRAVELLER is not able to personally sign the Contract, the Contract assumes legal effect only when Success receives the entire agreed amount of the cost of the travel arrangement or if such is specifically agreed upon, a portion of the agreed payment and documentation that indisputably insures the payment of the remaining portion of payment by the agreed date. The TRAVELLER may register for a voyage in all branch offices of Success as well as other authorized agencies in person, by telephone, Internet or other means of remote communication. When concluding a Contract, the TRAVELLER is obliged to provide personal data and duly provide all documentation necessary of the organization of the voyage. The TRAVELLER guarantees that SUCCESS has been provided with correct and valid data necessary for the undisturbed realization of the voyage and accepts all legal obligations deriving from this Contract and from legal regulations.
2. Reservations and payment

In order to confirm a reservation,upon registration the TRAVELLER pays 30% of the price of the travel arrangement (if the program does not state otherwise). The remaining cost of the arrangement is paid no later than 21 days before the beginning of the trip or documentation guaranteeing the indisputable payment of the total cost of the travel arrangement is provided. If the TRAVELLER does not execute his obligations no later than 21 days before the beginning of the trip, the reservation will be considered cancelled without the possibility of refunding any advanced payments. For all reservations including reservations “upon request” (when at the moment of registering the traveler, capacity for an individual arrangement for a specific trip in unavailable, where Success is able to ensure additional space) SUCCESS charges a reservation fee in the amount of 75 HRK (per contract). In the event that less than 21 days remain before the departure of a trip, for such an “upon request” reservation, an adequate part of the arrangement price is paid according to the conditions set forth in Article 8 of this contract.
Such a requested “upon request” reservation is processed by SUCCESS within two business days (Saturday is not considered a working day) and the TRAVELLER is notified thereof orally or in writing. If SUCCESS does not notify the TRAVELLER of the executed or is not able to ensure the reservation of a requested arrangement within the stated term, the full paid amount will be refunded to the TRAVELLER in its entirety. If the TRAVELLER does not accept the requested reservation, which has been confirmed by SUCCESS, the payment fees, including the reservation fees, are not refunded. For reservation confirmation with the “Fortuna system” or with “Last minute” offers, the TRAVELLER is required to immediately pay the entire cost of the arrangement or ensure the indisputable payment of the entire cost of the arrangement.

3. Costs

The prices of trips are advertised in the traveling program and are valid from the day of advertising the program. The package tour prices do not include a reservation fee additionally charged in the amount of 75 HRK (per contract) upon reservation. Prices stated in Uspjeh’ programs are based on contracts with our partners and do not have to conform with prices advertised at the TRAVELLER’S destination and an eventual price difference cannot be subject to complaint.
The travel organizer may anticipate that a TRAVELLER executes payment on the spot of a specific service that will be utilized abroad in the currency of the country where he is to be situated. For services that are paid for on the spot, the TRAVELLER submits eventual disputes directly to the executor of the services. SUCCESS can request for an increase of the agreed upon price a maximum of 21 days before the beginning of the trip if, after the contract was closed, there was a change in the currency rates or an increase of the costs of transport. This includes the costs of fuel or an increase of a fee for certain services (in airports and other ports and alike) which influences the price of the trip, where there was no way it could have been known of beforehand. In that case, the price of the arrangement will be increased reciprocally to the increase of the prices of the calculative elements on the base on which the price is formed. The TRAVELLER is obligated to accept the increase of the agreed upon price up to 10%. If there is an increase in the price which is greater than 10%, the TRAVELLER has the right to cancel the arrangement but is obligated to inform SUCCESS of this within 2 work days from the received notification. In case the arrangement is canceled, the TRAVELLER does not have the right for compensation. If the TRAVELLER does not deliver his cancellation to SUCCESS in written form within the stated time period, it will be assumed that he agrees with the price change.

4. Categorization and description of services

The offered hotels, pensions or any other facilities on SUCCESS’s programs are described according to the official categorization of the respective countries at the moment of the program’s issuance. May we point out that local categorization in individual countries differs greatly. Accommodation, food, comfort and other services are under surveillance by local and national tourist authorities, and accommodation and service standards are different and cannot be compared. SUCCESS shall not assume responsibility for any oral or written information that is not in accordance with the description of services and facilities in SUCCESS ‘s programs valid for stated voyages, which may have been supplied by SUCCESS ‘s employees or any other third person. The accommodation arrangement in rooms or pensions is determined locally by the reception desk. If the TRAVELLER had not specifically arranged a room/pension with certain characteristics, he will accept any officially registered and available room/pension in each individual facility or destination described in the travel program. Accommodation is not possible before 16:00 on the day initiating the utilization of the services, and the same shall be vacated by 10:00 on the day completing the utilization of the services, if not differently stated in the travel program. For later arrivals in accommodation facilities (after 20:00), it is necessary to inform SUCCESS of such beforehand, no later that one day before voyage departure, if such a later arrival had not been foreseen in the travel program.

5. Travel documents, respecting regulations

A TRAVELLER that registers for a foreign voyage must possess valid travel documents. During registration or by the deadline stated in the program, the traveler shall provide SUCCESS with all essential data and documents necessary to obtain a visa for the country of travel. SUCCESS does not guarantee the obtainment of visas. If the TRAVELLER does not fulfill the stated obligations or the request for the obtainment of the visa is rejected, it shall be considered that the traveler has terminated the voyage. The TRAVELLER shall respect customs, currency and other regulations. If the TRAVELLER cannot continue his journey due to lack of conformity to regulations, he solely bears all incurred costs and consequences of the same. If the TRAVELLER loses travel documents or finds the same stolen during the duration of the voyage, he is obliged to insure new documents at his own cost. The TRAVELLER is obliged to secure that he personally, his documents and luggage fulfill conditions prescribed by visa, boarder, customs, health and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia as well as of countries to which will be traveled. The TRAVELLER is obliged to comply with rules of conduct in catering and hotel facilities and to cooperate with the representative of the travel organization and service providers in good faith. In the event of non-compliance of the stated obligations, the traveler is responsible for the incurred damage, and SUCCESS assumes no responsibility for such damage. In such a case, the amount of damage shall be settled by the TRAVELLER to the owner of the facility (hotel, pension, etc.) at the reception desk. During the signing of the contract, the SUCCESS employee will inform the TRAVELLER of the information sources of the country in which the TRAVELLER is traveling including the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. We recommend that each TRAVELLER informs themselves by visiting the website and examines the list of high- and moderate-risk countries according to the opinion of the MFA of Croatia. For all TRAVELLERS who are not citizens of Croatia and do not possess Croatian travel documentation, we recommend that before payment of the travel arrangement, the TRAVELLER should personally inquire about the country of travel and conditions that are necessary to fulfill for travel to that country, taking into account the differences in provisions that are valid for citizens of particular countries. SUCCESS may refer the TRAVELLER to an information source but do not in any way assume responsibility for consequences that may result for the TRAVELLER due to irreverence of such provisions. Invalid travel documents, i.e. unapproved visas that as a consequence call for the termination of travel, in no regard constrain SUCCESS and conditions for the termination of travel shall be implemented. SUCCESS declines all responsibility for damages that may result due to irreverence of provisions of particular countries or those that may produce invalid travel documents.

6. Travel Insurance

Pursuant to the Law on Providing Services in Tourism, agency employees are obliged to offer the TRAVELLER a travel insurance “package” which is comprised of: voluntary health insurance during their stay abroad, accident insurance, luggage insurance and travel termination insurance. By signing the contract, the TRAVELLER confirms that a travel insurance package has been offered. In the event that the TRAVELLER requests the mentioned insurance, it may be directly concluded with any insurance provider or with SUCCESS, where SUCCESS acts only as an intermediary. By signing the contract it shall be considered that TRAVELLERS have been offered and recommended the insurance stated in the previous paragraph.

7. Travel termination insurance

If during travel registration, the TRAVELLERS foresees that he may terminate his voyage due to specific situations, we recommend the payment of a policy of travel termination insurance. Termination insurance cannot be paid retrospectively, only during the process of travel registration.
Termination insurance shall be applied in the following situations only, with the obligatory written confirmation: military draft, illness, death of an immediate family member. If the TRAVELLER does not possess a travel termination policy and must terminate his voyage and has a confirmation of military draft, illness or death, SUCCESS reserves the right of disbursement in accordance with regulations stated in Article 8 of this Contract. Upon termination of a travel arrangement, the expenses of visa obtainment are not disbursed even if the TRAVELLER has a termination insurance policy. With the payment of a termination insurance policy, the TRAVELLER transmits all his claims onto the insurance provider of the termination insurance policy in possession, and SUCCESS shall be obliged to insure all necessary documentation for the TRAVELLER for actualizing the claims of the TRAVELLER toward the insurance provider, and which pertains to the travel arrangement. All termination conditions are stated in the insurance policy and we recommend that each traveler read them carefully.

8. Termination of voyage by the traveler

If the TRAVELLER terminates a paid travel arrangement, SUCCESS retains the following amounts of the total cost of the travel arrangement (if the program does not state otherwise):

  • up to 40 days before departure 10% of the price and at least 100 kn
  • 39-30 days before departure 25% of the price
  • 29-20 days before departure 40% of the price
  • 19-10 days before departure 80% of the price
  • 9-0 days before departure 100% of the price
  • after departure 100% of the price

The stated expenses apply to changes in departure dates or accommodation facilities as well as for all other significant changes. SUCCESS charges actual substitution expenses if the TRAVELLER – contractee terminates the travel contract, and finds another client for the same reservation that satisfies all conditions for consuming the stated travel arrangement. If the TRAVELLER has not paid the remaining amount or insured the undisputable payment of the travel arrangement 21 days before the travel departure, SUCCESS shall consider that the TRAVELLER has terminated the reservation, without the possibility of disbursement of the settled advance payment for the travel arrangement.

9. Iteration of travel by SUCCESS or change of travel program

If SUCCESS significantly changes the program, accommodations or costs before the beginning of the voyage, they are obliged to immediately inform the TRAVELLER thereof in written form. The TRAVELLER may either accept or refuse the amended program within 2 business days of receipt of SUCCESS’s notification. In the event of refusal or a failure to respond to the offer, SUCCESS shall be obliged to refund the paid expenses to the TRAVELLER within 7 business days. In the event of acceptance, the substitute travel arrangement that SUCCESS had offered shall be considered the new travel contract, where the TRAVELLER resigns the right to all claims towards SUCCESS from any legal basis that derived from the initial contract. If SUCCESS had not offered the greater part of the contracted services or if they estimate that they will not be in the situation to insure the implementation of the greater part of the contracted services after the commencement of the voyage, SUCCESS may on their burden, with the compliance the TRAVELLER, execute changes in the program for the continuation of the voyage and as necessary compensate the TRAVELLER for the price difference between the contacted and actual services offered.

With written consent of the TRAVELLER, SUCCESS may substitute the unexecuted portion of services with another service, where the TRAVELLER resigns the right to seek claims from SUCCESS for such a mutually contracted and amended portion of the voyage in regards to the concluded travel contract. If SUCCESS was not able to amend the travel program in an adequate manner or if a TRAVELLER does not accept the changes due to justified reasons, SUCCESS will enable the return of the TRAVELLER to the departure point or to another location at their own cost, it the TRAVELLER agrees with such, and reimburse any eventual damage the TRAVELLER sustained in doing so. Damage is paid as the portion of the costs of the unused portion of the contracted program, which is based on the complaint of the TRAVELLER. SUCCESS will resolve the complaint in the manner as stated in point 10 of this contract. The largest amount of compensation may be the cost of the contracted travel arrangement. SUCCESS is authorized to completely or partially terminate the contract by a unilateral statement, without the obligation of damage compensation to the TRAVELLER, in the event of external uncommon and unpredictable circumstances that could not have been prevented, avoided or eliminated, and if they were to exist at the time of concluding the contract for organizing the voyage, would have been a justified reason for SUCCESS to not conclude the contract.

In such a case, the TRAVELLER has the right to reimbursement of the paid amount in its entirety i.e. the difference in the cost between the contracted and offered services. SUCCESS reserves the right to cancel voyages, no later than 5 days before the beginning of the voyage, if the voyage was cancelled by the travel organizer for which SUCCESS was an intermediary for the sales of the mentioned travel arrangement or if the minimum number of TRAVELLERS necessary for the realization of a travel arrangement stated on each individual travel program did not register for a specific voyage or for any other justified reason. SUCCESS reserves the right to change the date or hour of travel due to changes in flight schedules or due to the occurrence of unforeseeable circumstances, as well as the right to change the direction of travel if the conditions of travel change (flight schedule change, security situation in a specific country, natural disasters or other situations where SUCCESS has no influence), without damage compensation, and in accordance with valid regulations in domestic and international traffic. SUCCESS shall not be held responsible for changes due to unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure during the voyage. In that case, services in respect to the given situation can be insured. SUCCESS shall not be held liable for eventual printing errors of programs in the context of brochures/catalogs as well as for erroneous inputs of data by the operator of SUCCESS’s websites.

10. Trips organized by other organizers/tour operators

For all travel arrangements where SUCCESS is the principal organizer, these General Conditions apply except in the event where SUCCESS is a mediator i.e. is not the principal tour organizer. Such travel arrangements will be specially designated and general conditions of the responsible organizer shall apply thereto. SUCCESS shall not be held accountable for the implementation of tourist travel arrangements of other organizers. With the execution of the contract, the TRAVELLER accepts the program and the travel conditions in their entirety.

11. Resolution of complaints

The TRAVELLER has the right to submit a complaint due to the unfulfilled agreed upon service. The TRAVELLER is obligated to issue a written complaint to SUCCESS within 8 days after the finalization of the trip. Complaints issued after the deadline of 8 days will not be taken into consideration. We emphasize that it is in the best interest of the TRAVELLER to perform in good will and to show good will in solving the complaint during the trip and to submit his written complaint to the service provider on the spot (front desk, transport operator, caterer or travel agency in the destination) and to seek a written confirmation from the service provider that they received the complaint. Every TRAVELLER – contract carrier, issues a complaint individually. SUCCESS will not take group complaints into consideration. SUCCESS is obligated to issue a written solution for the complaint within 15 days after receiving the complaint and this is to be done in the way the complaint was received (e-mail, mail or personal deliver where it will be responded to through a written package with a return receipt).

SUCCESS will solve only those complaints where the TRAVELLER submits evidence that he has submitted a complaint to the service provider on the spot and that the cause could not be removed on the spot. If through the fault of SUCCESS the program or a part of the service was unfulfilled, the TRAVELLER has the right to compensation to the height of the real value of the unused service and this cannot include already used services as well as the entire amount of the arrangement. In case of last minute contracts or contracts where the TRAVELER finds outthe accomodation title upon arrival at the destinaton (promotions like fortune, roulette, no name, ace, jocker…) the TRAVELER will accept all inherent risks. Such journeys involve unpredictable conditions (Force Majeure) which SUCCESS cannot control in any way.

What is more, the TRAVELLER has opted for this kind of arrangement due to special price, therefore any responsibility for claims arising from this arrangement will be waived by SUCCESS. In case of disputes related to online sales and service contracts, a consumer can file a complaint or submit his dispute through an interactive platform created to resolving disputes online, accessible via the following link: Until SUCCESS delivers a decision, the TRAVELLER shall abandon mediation of any other person, court establishments or providing information to the media.

12. Health regulations

The TRAVELLER is obliged to notify SUCCESS of all facts in regards to his health, habits, etc. that may jeopardize the progress of the voyage (if due to health or other reasons, a specific type of food is necessary, if chronically ill, if allergies are present, etc.). In some programs, special travel rules are stated, which include mandatory vaccinations and the acquisition of pertinent documentation. The TRAVELLER shall be obliged to execute mandatory vaccinations as well as be in possession of confirmation and documents thereof. We recommend obtaining a health insurance policy.

13. Luggage

The transport of luggage of a specific weight is free of charge. For air transportation, the TRAVELLER pays for luggage excess in accordance to valid regulations and transporter’s prices. Children up to 2 years of age do not have the right to free luggage transport. SUCCESS does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. Claims for lost luggage are directed to the transportation provider or hotel. For air transportation, the airline is exclusively responsible for luggage, based on regulations that are valid concerning air traffic. In the event of loss of luggage, the TRAVELLER fills out a PIR form of the airline that executed the transport and delivers the said form to the representative of the airline, and keeps one copy. Based on the filled out form, the airline pays compensation pursuant to regulations that are valid for domestic and international TRAVELLER air traffic. In the event of the loss of luggage inside the hotel, the TRAVELLER sends a claim to the hotel where the luggage was lost. We recommend obtaining a luggage insurance policy.

14. Insurance in the event of payment incapability or bankruptcy of the travel organizer

In accordance with the Act on the Provision of Tourism Services, SUCCESS has concluded with the Insurer a Contract on Insurance in Case of Insolvency or Bankruptcy of the Travel Organiser, in the event the travel service was not performed, that is for the return of the TRAVELLER to the place of departure. In case of occurrence of the insured event, the TRAVELLER should contact the Insurer as soon as possible: Croatia osiguranje d.d. Zagreb, Generalna direkcija, Sektor za upravljanje naknadama šteta, Služba za obradu šteta osiguranja kredita, osobno ili na e-mail, tel: 01/633 3188, 01 633 3170, 01/633 3196 (police No: 294181000001).

15. Liability insurance

In accordance with the Act on the Provision of Tourism Services, SUCCESS has concluded with the insurance company Croatia osiguranje d.d.(joint stock company), a Liability Insurance Contract for damages caused to a TRAVELLER by failure to meet obligations or by partially or inconsistently meeting obligations, number 228180009873. The employees of the agency shall inform the TRAVELLER of the content of the valid Liability Insurance Contract for damages caused by SUCCESS to the TRAVELLER by failure to meet obligations or by partially or inconsistently meeting obligations in relation to the package holiday, and by signing the Travel Contract the TRAVELLER shall confirm to have been informed of the content of the stated Insurance Contract.

16. Protection of personal data

The TRAVELLER voluntarily renders personal data. Personal data of the TRAVELLER  are necessary in the realization process of contracted travel arrangements and shall be used for further communication. SUCCESS obliges that personal data of the TRAVELLER will not leave the country except for the purpose of realizing contracted travel arrangements. An exception to providing personal data to third persons applies to concluding a travel insurance policy, i.e. if the TRAVELLER concludes an insurance policy, his data will then be forwarded to an insurance provider. The TRAVELLER’S personal data will be stored in a database, in accordance with the Decision of the Board of Directors concerning methods of collection, processing and protecting personal data. The TRAVELLER agrees that his personal information can be used for the purpose of realizing the agreed upon arrangement and for the marketing events of SUCCESS.

17. Information

Notification received by the TRAVELLER at the registration location does not oblige the organizer to a greater degree than the notifications and information stated in the travel program itself.

18. Final provisions

These conditions and directives for travel exclude all current conditions and directives for travel. General conditions and directives for travel are an integral part of the contract concluded between the TRAVELLER and SUCCESS or an authorized tourist agency where the traveler registered for a voyage organized by SUCCESS. The parties agree that all eventual disputable situations shall be settled by agreement. In the contrary, in the event of a dispute the legally amenable court is the Court of Zadar, where Croatian legislation shall be used.

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